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Fire Wrap Certified

…and Why That’s Important

Birks Air Conditioning is fire wrap certified with Morgan Thermal Ceramics FireMaster® protection systems. We install UL-classified and FM-approved commercial firestops per latest building regulations and fire codes.

When it comes to insulating grease ducts for fire protection, there can be a lot of confusion. If you’re trying to do the work yourself or you’re hiring a non-certified contractor, knowledge may be limited. You might be aware of the top product choices in the market — a foil encapsulated ceramic blanket such as Unifrax’s Fyrewrap Elite 1.5 or 3M’s Fire Barrier 615+.  These are good products for insulating grease ducts and kitchen exhaust vent ducts.

Next, do you know how these products are properly installed? Should they be installed like typical duct wrap with just a single layer, or should they be overlapped? And what about the joints — do those require taping?

These are just a couple simple examples of why you need to hire a fire wrap certified contractor when dealing with your commercial kitchen or similar applications. 

You’re in good hands with Birks Air Conditioning. Every year, firestop system testing becomes more rigorous and building codes more demanding. If your business requires the application of fire protection products into listed systems, you can’t afford to be uninformed.

FireMaster® FastWrap XL and Duct Wrap products for Building and Construction applications provide excellent fire protection properties. They are thin, lightweight and foil encapsulated for fast, easy installation. Duct Wrap solutions provide tested, highly capable, easy to install and cost effective passive fire protection solutions. The duct wrap products we use have been fully tested and meet international standards, ensuring that your installation’s duct work is suitably protected in the event of fire.

FastWrap XL easily wraps around ducts and provides effective sound absorption and fire protection. The fibers which make up FastWrap XL duct wrap are rated to 2192⁰F while being completely inorganic and non-combustible (no smoke toxic gas emission in a fire). 

To learn more about fire wrap protection system for your commercial application, contact Birks Air Conditioning today at (661) 343-0069.

Since 2007, Birks has proudly served Bakersfield and the surrounding Kern County area.

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