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Commercial Kitchen Hood Installation

Birks offers custom hood solutions for your restaurant — in addition to the exhaust hood, we install stainless steel backsplash, fire suppression systems, commercial kitchen ventilation or custom work per project requirements.

An exhaust hood’s main purpose is to collect smoke, grease, odors, steam and combustion particles. In addition to that, an exhaust hood removes heat that otherwise would negatively impact the performance of appliances and worker efficiency. Exhaust hoods are required in all commercial kitchens and restaurants for compliance and safety regulations.

Therefore, it is recommended to hire a licensed professional installer like Birks Air Conditioning to install your commercial kitchen hood.

An expert understanding of air movement dynamics is crucial to the process of choosing the right equipment for your needs as well as installation with a fire wrap certified installer. Birks Air Conditioning is certified, licensed and follows all applicable state and local building codes. We’ll make sure that the installed system satisfies your unique requirements in every way. We’ll install your commercial kitchen ventilation system, replace and remove the old equipment, and perform custom fabrication where needed.

In a new construction or remodel, Birks Air Conditioning will coordinate with electricians, plumbers, fire suppression installers and others to insure a smooth and efficient process and get your kitchen operating as soon as possible.

There are three main components to a kitchen exhaust system. A grease exhaust fan removes the smoke, grease vapors, heat and other particles from the work area. Mounted on the roof, the fan draws through the grease duct to the outside environment.  The size of the exhaust hood determines the number of exhaust fans that are required.

The exhaust hood captures the smoke and grease vapors emitted while cooking but they also aid in the suppression of fires. Therefore, the size is a critical factor; Birks Air Conditioning will determine the proper size of the hood you need and account for the minimum clearance requirements to comply with state and federal safety regulations. The minimum guidelines are in place to insure the hood adequately addresses fire and smoke risks within the grease hood. If an aesthetic is required, Birks Air Conditioning can also fabricate a stainless steel skirting as a barrier to the ceiling.

The final component is the make-up air unit or MAU. An MAU brings in fresh air from the outside into the work space to replace the polluted air that is being exhausted. An MAU may be  recommended because most kitchen hoods exhaust more air than can be provided by your cooling system. If that is the case with your installation, then an MAU becomes necessary.

As you might imagine, installing a commercial kitchen hood is a somewhat complicated undertaking given the many factors that affect the consultation, selection and installation process. Call Birks Air Conditioning today at (661) 343-0069 for your commercial kitchen hood installation.

Since 2007, Birks has proudly served Bakersfield and the surrounding Kern County area.

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